My Little Secret

It seems only fitting that the first memory that came to mind after starting this blog, was the time I shared a little about my online life with my Mum.

I love to read and I love to write, so it was only natural that eventually I started reviewing the books I read. It was never my intention to become a Reviewer, and I didn’t take it seriously at first. The truth is, I have the memory of a goldfish and I read a tonne of books, so my ‘reviews’ were more ‘memory prompts’ than structured content, for a long while. But eventually, some of the reviews I wrote started gaining attention. I got a little kick every time I logged in to Goodreads and saw the numbers on my Profile slowly creeping up the ranks… until one day, I was #1 in my country.

I hadn’t shared any of my online activities with the people in my life, as I was a little embarrassed and I feared them reading my words and judging me. But when I hit that #1 spot, I couldn’t resist telling my Mum.

I should have known what her reaction would be. She was dumbfounded. She wanted to know more! She wanted to read what I wrote, she never made me feel embarrassed, and in time, I found out she even told our extended family about what I did. It was just a bit of fun, but I guess it made her proud.

I’ll never forget that moment. Sitting at the dining table, sharing that part of my life with Mum. I was on her computer, checking the stats, sitting opposite her, and she couldn’t resist reaching for the laptop in an attempt to spin it around to have a look for herself. “How do I find what you wrote?” she asked. I didn’t tell her (she didn’t need to know how foul my language could get during a rant), but I did find something I felt comfortable with her reading. Her enthusiasm made me happy.

I wish I would have shared more with her. I wish I weren’t so secretive. But I’m so glad she knew ♥


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