Grease Lightning

Music is one of the biggest things that I associate with Mum. Our house was always filled with music – though my Dad was never a huge fan (especially of Mum’s musical taste). Mum liked to blast her old songs in the house when Dad wasn’t around… then she’d rush to turn the volume down … More Grease Lightning

Bugs & Bubs

I’ve been sick this week. First I had a migraine that put me out of action for an entire day, then a few days later I came down with the flu. I still haven’t recovered. I miss Mum more than ever when I’m feeling crook. She’d always pop in to see how I was faring, … More Bugs & Bubs

Briscoes & Rebel

I went shopping with my Dad today. Bub’s birthday is coming up next weekend and the weather was foul, so Dad suggested we go shopping for a new Football (something Bub’s hinted at wanting). This never used to be Dad’s job. Mum was the shopper in their duo, and though all presents came with love … More Briscoes & Rebel

My Little Secret

It seems only fitting that the first memory that came to mind after starting this blog, was the time I shared a little about my online life with my Mum. I love to read and I love to write, so it was only natural that eventually I started reviewing the books I read. It was … More My Little Secret