Grease Lightning

Music is one of the biggest things that I associate with Mum. Our house was always filled with music – though my Dad was never a huge fan (especially of Mum’s musical taste). Mum liked to blast her old songs in the house when Dad wasn’t around… then she’d rush to turn the volume down when he got home! She was also known to rock up in the driveway with the music in her car blasting and she’d sit there, with the windows all up, singing her little heart out until her song was over!

I loved it.

Since she’s been gone, our house is quiet. Dad unplugged the stereo after she passed because music is a trigger for him now. It upsets him. When he hears it, he thinks of her and specific songs bring up memories. It’s the same for me, only I embrace it, rather than shut it down.

In saying that, there are definitely songs/artists/bands/musicals that I have pointedly avoided since she passed away. The film <i>Grease</i> is one of those things.

I used to own a Video store, and Mum loved playing <i>Grease</i> in the shop when she was there. She’d walk around tidying shelves and singing away. It’s a fond memory. So the thought of watching <i>Grease</i> again freaked me out. Until the other evening.

I was flicking through the channels and there it was. At first I clicked away, but I quickly went back to it, and it turns out, it wasn’t such a bad thing. I thought of Mum the entire time it was on, but that didn’t stop me from singing along throughout the entire thing! It was great.

I decided that night that I would make more of an effort to be less cautious about the things I listen to. If something reminds me of her, that’s okay. And if they bring a tear to my eye, that’s okay too.

Music is a great love of my life and I look forward to enjoying all of it again.



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