Bugs & Bubs

I’ve been sick this week. First I had a migraine that put me out of action for an entire day, then a few days later I came down with the flu. I still haven’t recovered.

I miss Mum more than ever when I’m feeling crook. She’d always pop in to see how I was faring, put a cool flannel on my head, or make sure I was taking my pills. She’d even knock on my door with some food to make sure I had something in my stomach. I admit, I feel sorry for myself not having her to do those things anymore and I think about her more than ever during those times. God, I miss her.

On a positive note, it was our Bub’s birthday this week. Friday we had a small family get together (myself, Dad, Sister, Bubs, Cousin and her three kids) and went to his favourite eating spot – Indian at the Plaza. He’s easy to please.

The following day was his Party, with a hoard of his best friends and family. We went ten-pin bowling and he had a blast! I got myself out of bed to make an appearance, as the little guy picked that specific day so I could attend on my day off, so I had to go. I played half a game then let him do the rest, before I excused myself early to get home to bed. I was feeling so seedy. Good call that was too, as I had to make an impromptu stop on the side of the road on my way home – I’ll let you guess why.

Bubs had a great birthday, and I was stoked to see it. He’s such a beloved part of our family and I know my Mum would have done anything to still be here to see him grow up. Our house is filled with pictures of her and him, hugging and smiling. I have no doubt he was her new #1. He doesn’t speak of her often – it makes him sad – but this week he had a break down and blurted out how much he misses her and wishes she were here. He did this in the midst of a tantrum over not being allowed on his PS4 however, so it wasn’t quite as heartbreaking to hear about as it could have been.

I do my best to fill Mum’s shoes on those kind of special days, and I feel like I do a pretty good job of it. In some ways losing Mum/his Nan has made our relationship stronger, as I’m the new person he turns to when his Mum is in the bad books.

That would be one of the only positive things I could say has come from losing Mum. I lost her, but I gained the love and affection of the best little nephew/little BFF that you could hope for!

I love that boy.




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