Briscoes & Rebel

I went shopping with my Dad today. Bub’s birthday is coming up next weekend and the weather was foul, so Dad suggested we go shopping for a new Football (something Bub’s hinted at wanting).

This never used to be Dad’s job. Mum was the shopper in their duo, and though all presents came with love from ‘Mum & Dad’, we all knew it was Mum behind the decision making.

It was strange being out shopping without Ma, but it’s something I’m slowly starting to adjust to. I imagine it’s a lot harder for Dad, since the two of them typically made those kind of outings together. But I think he did a good job. He even looked at shoes for himself, which is literally the first time since she passed that he’s shown an interest in purchasing something he needs. It’s too hard to shop with her, he says. Too many memories, and it’s impossible to make decisions without her. This both frustrates the hell out of me, and breaks my heart.

Memories of Mum were all over the place. She and I were shopping buddies and Briscoes was one of our regular haunts. I’ve only been back there once in the past eighteen months. I remember going to lunch at ‘The Raft’ and sharing a bowl of wedges. Then there was the Cafe across the road where we both went for the Chicken wraps and decided we liked them, but could easily replicate them at home.

On both occasions I was just stoked she agreed to eat out. Mum was a no frills kinda gal. Going out for lunch was something she enjoyed, but did rarely, as she wasn’t one to ‘waste money on expensive food’ – especially when there was perfectly good bread at home!

I glanced between the two eateries today as we sat waiting in traffic, and my mind filled with memories of her. I wanted to cry from the loss, I wanted to smile for the past, but in the end I just sat there… waiting for a gap in traffic, listening to Dad, being the ear he needs nowadays, as I have done since she’s been gone.

Wish you were here, Mole 





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