A Milestone Birthday

It was my big sister’s birthday today. For as long as I can remember, she has always made a big deal of her birthday. It’s something Mum, Dad and I used to roll our eyes at and joke about, because we are the exact opposite. We acknowledge our birthday, then move on – we are major party poopers!

Today turned out to be no different. A few days ago she assured me, all she wanted was a small dinner. Tonight I went out to dinner with my sister, my nephew… and around about twenty of our extended family members. Not exactly the small dinner I pictured, but you know what? It was a great night. And most important of all, my sister really enjoyed herself.

What I’m really grateful for, was the effort my family made for her big day. Most of them aren’t exactly rolling in dough, so I was happy they were all able to make it. I was also surprised they had gifts, and they were beautiful, very generous gifts, my sister was absolutely delighted to receive. I was blown away.

My family were a wonderful distraction from the fact Mum wasn’t there, though I know my sister fought tears at one point. It’s not easy celebrating anything without our beloved Mum, especially for her on this big birthday – and only the second since she’s been gone.

The restaurant we went to, we’ve been to before. The last time I was there, was three years ago. So much has changed since then, but you know what hasn’t changed? It’s become tradition that my two cousins and I laugh so much and so loudly, that our parents inevitably end up growling at us to quiet down (even though we’re well above the acceptable age of being told off). Well, Mum obviously wasn’t there to growl, but my Aunties were! As expected, our laughter eventually drew their attention. Only this time, my Auntie simply rolled her eyes then said with affection – “There’s that noise” – and she followed her comment with a big smile.

Sometimes it’s nice that things don’t change ♥


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